Love and Listings Series Premiere Recap

Love and Listings follows several real estate agents navigating LA’s luxury real estate landscape. After watching the series premiere, I’m good.

For years, I watched Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant close multi-million dollar deals among Manhattan’s elite on Million Dollar Listing New York. However, I recognized there were no black real estate brokers or agents in sight.

When I first saw Love and Listings promo, I expected positive representation. That’s not what I saw last night. Jacob Knight, the son of Suge Knight is navigating his real estate career, dealing with his father’s expectations and dealing with living in his father’s shadow. Although it’s a unique storyline, I would have preferred Jacob not mention being Suge Knight’s son every two seconds. I would rather see him networking, taking meetings and closing deals. He already set the impression in my mind, “Suge Knight’s son is in it versus Jacob is hustling for success in LA’s luxury real estate landscape.”

In addition, Jacob’s friend Taylor is a hustler. She passed the real estate exam within the first attempt and has an apartment in Hollywood at age 19. Though Taylor’s ambition is apparent, she can be arrogant at times and perceived as an entitled millennial who thinks she knows everything to play in the big leagues.

Ayani is new to both Los Angeles and the luxury real estate industry. While she builds her resume, she works at a restaurant to pay her bills. Though Ayani is eager, she made all the rookie mistakes you could make as a salesperson. During the episode, she showed Sean Kingston a $1.6 million apartment in downtown LA and revealed her nervousness and newness to real estate.

Ayani did not make a good impression. With luxury real estate being a small, competitive circle, Ayani’s naivete could reflect poorly on the firm she works for. Later in the episode, Sean told Ayani to lead the sale. Rarely does someone make all the rookie mistakes Ayani did and secure the opportunity. As a former salesperson, this would never fly which tells me the show is staged.

Moving along. Zac is a former football player turned real estate agent. However, his previous relationship with Samantha, another real estate agent could lead to an on-again fling turned me off. Though they are business colleagues and former lovers, it was unprofessional to show their sexual tension. As a black woman, it’s bothersome to watch black male entertainers deliberately date non-black women for clout and see television fetishize interracial dating like it’s a fashion trend. The whole scene was an eye roll.

Coming Attractions

Coming attractions showed celebrities like Ray J, Brandy and Jermaine Dupri looking for homes in LA. It also showed unnecessary drama such as drinks being thrown and Ayani flirting with a more experienced male colleague.

I’m upset with VH1. VH1 has been profiting off black audiences supporting ratchet reality television since Flavor of Love and I Love New York. Love and Listings had a unique opportunity to showcase successful black real estate professionals, their ups and downs and sprinkles of drama and romance.

There were series similar like Love and Marriage Huntsville. It chronicled the relationships of successful black entrepreneurial couples in Alabama. However, their actual businesses were a pivotal character in the series. In addition, Hot Listings Miami  followed successful Latinx real estate agents navigating Miami’s luxury real estate landscape. The drama factor: Katrina Campins, the main character worked with her ex-husband and it was a family-run business.

Unfortunately, Love and Listings shows amateur real estate agents with beautiful LA homes as the backdrop.

That’s my two cents.

If you watched, what did you think?

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