Queen Sugar Season: All the Borders Recap

Charley – Charley needs to sit down. She has endured numerous challenges since moving to St. Josephine and Queen Sugar mill being burned down was the icing on the cake. Charley might have a nervous breakdown. Understandably so. I can’t even count how many challenges she ran into regarding the mill – from renovating it, to getting funding to open, to hosting her own St. Josephine Sugar Bowl, to operating the business despite the Landrys’ sabotage attempts and getting local farmers to grind their cane at Queen Sugar.

My girl needs a vacation. She should go on a cruise or to an exotic resort in the Caribbean with her mother, Lorna. Charley needs to decompress and refresh. Plus, Charley has options. She could return to Los Angeles, restart her sports management company and still advocate for underrepresented and underserved communities. Hell, she could even combine the two by convincing her clients to invest in minority-focused initiatives.

Charley has no obligation to the sugarcane industry, to St. Josephine or to running for city councilwoman. It would not be her giving up. It would be her starting anew and doing what she’s excellent at in a less stressful environment without threats against Micah’s life.

Photo: Skip Bolen © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN.

Micah – I am proud of Micah. He confronted Nova about her relationship with Calvin and questioned whether her former cop boyfriend watched his colleagues brutalize black men. For once, the so-called activist was speechless. There were no excuses she could pull out of her self-righteous ass. Finally, someone prompted Nova to think about her actions.

Nova – She wore a decent outfit this episode. Typically, her outfits look like trash bags. Any who, she asked Calvin if he abused black men he arrested. He said no but admitted to being a bystander to police brutality was easier than trying to stop it.

Ralph Angel and Darla – Understanding Darla needs a comrade, Ralph Angel cannot be her go-to 24/7. I hope Darla asks her Mom to visit for a few weeks. Despite people’s criticisms of Darlene Sutton, she is a loving and supportive mother. I want Darla to have a friend. She deserves goodness in her life.

Ralph Angel and Deesha – Though Deesha has been extremely supportive, her and Ralph Angel should not enter a romantic relationship. Deesha is a strong, resilient, and confident woman who has been self-sufficient for a long time. She balances her law career while raising her young daughter as a single mother. Understanding Deesha and Ralph Angel share similarities of being single parents and navigating adversities while pursuing their respective careers, viewers only see how she uplifts him. Their budding relationship has not been reciprocal. There have been too many instances in reality TV and fictional television where healthy, black heterosexual relationships are depicted as the man loving what the woman does for him and the woman accepting her partner as he is while raising him which is highly dysfunctional. Though Ralph Angel has experienced tremendous growth, he has not been self-sufficient for long.

Prosper – I love Prosper. He’s such an adorable, wise elderly man. He politely corrected Nova regarding watching Ernest bury a white man’s body on the family land. Prosper revealed Ernest brutally beat a white man who came to hurt Nova. He also revealed Ernest almost killed him until he heard True’s voice, buried the man’s bloody clothes and took him to the hospital. Essentially, Nova’s recollection of the story was false.

Photo: Skip Bolen © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN.

Aunt Vi and Sam Landry – What the hell was that meeting at Vi’s Pies about? Their interaction felt like they played more than footsies in grade school. It reminded me of something Francis Boudreaux revealed to Charley this episode.

“Just like Sam and all the other men in our family. They risk diluting our bloodlines but they always come home in the end.’’  – Francis Boudreaux

Essentially, she implied Landry-Boudreaux men dated outside of their race but married white women in the end.

Though Sam claimed he did not burn down the mill, I would imagine he knows who did. Since season one, every interaction Sam had with the Bordelons has been unpleasant. There was an arrogant and sinister air to him. So why is he being kind to Aunt Vi? What does Sam owe Aunt Vi?

I would image nobody knows about their interaction or alleged previous relationship including Hollywood. But I’m okay with it. If Nova knew, her ass would have included it in her book.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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