Waiting for the Winds to Change

Waiting for the fall winds to come in

The chill at night smells like firewood

The leaves began to fall

The flowers begin to wither


As the seasons change

The sun sets earlier

The sunrise earlier

It makes me think of the lakes

Calm yet vast

As the sun reflects off the lake’s surface

The mountains

So large

Yet breathtaking


I look on into the forest

And I can’t help but feel at ease

Feel drawn to it

Feel reflective

Reflecting on life itself


Something about it draws me in

Something about the calmness

The few cabins barricaded

By the trees sitting on mountain hills


Here it’s peaceful

Fewer people

No loud music

No speeding cards

No loud neighbors

No smell of dog shit or weed

Just the sound of nature


A few deers

The smell of smoke as faraway neighbors cook deer

Or whatever they cook

The sound of an occasional bear

The air thick




One has to exhale

And see their breath

Evaporate into the air

To not be too overwhelmed by the elevation


I could stay here for months

Sit by the fireplace and drink hot cider


I could run away here

And write

To flee tragedy

And just be


Part of me wouldn’t mind getting married here

Watching the sun rise

And the day begin

For Nature


Oh such a perfect view of the mountains

Inhaling the crisp air

Drinking hot cocoa on the porch

Waiting to see a deer

Hoping to not encounter a bear


Part of me would want my soul to reside here

If Heaven worked that way

Let my Spirit live as the wind

That the sways the trees

Let it brush up against the lakes and ponds


Maybe I would see Grandmother Willow

And we’d have a conversation

Her, the trees and I

Working together to preserve the land we reside in

In which we breathe life into


Maybe my Spirit would wake the birds

And tell them which direction to fly

Maybe my Spirit as the Wind, Grandmother Willow and the leaves will dance together

Celebrating our immortality

Honoring the God above for birthing us



Where humanity begin

Where Adam and Eve once roamed

Where the indigenous people built civilization

Their kingdoms and villages

And thrived

Their love for Mother Nature unconditional



One day I will return back to this place

Until then

I wait for the fall winds to return

For they are my comfort

Going into winter

As the chills are colder

The snow begins to fall

And my birth day approaches


For some reason, being born in a blizzard

Somehow connects me with the season

I feel as if Winter and I are siblings

Fall, a close friend

Until then

I wait patiently for our warm embrace

Author: BellaDour

Writer. Screenwriter. Poet. I write about personal development, self-care and adulting

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