Where Did Your Dreams Go?

Her and I are very connected. We both have kindness, affection, love and compassion in our hearts. We believe that all our dreams are possible. Our imaginations have been running wild for decades. We are dreamers doing what’s necessary for our dreams to come to life. Our parents never said our dreams were impossible.

We were curious and unafraid to ask, “Mommy, what is that? What does it do? Why does it work that way? Why can’t it work this way?”

We asked for what we wanted. My Barbie bake oven. My Bratz collection. We didn’t know many limits nor did we live by them.

What happened between our adolescence and adulthood? 

Somewhere in our transformation from childhood to a grown-up, we forgot that curiosity and vivid imagination. Some people postponed their dreams including myself. We settled into our typical 9-to-5 schedule.

Over time, we became increasingly aware of the societal pressures to be confined to one label. So we suppressed ourselves. We forgot our past carefree selves. But those memories, curiosity and dreams resurface in our daydreams and sleep dreams. They replay over and over again.

It can come in the form of a retail commercial that reminded you of your interest in fashion as a child. You walked down the backpack aisle in Target and noticed several children’s books you read as a kid. It reminded you of your dream to write a children’s book.

You patronized a boutique, were enchanted with their clothes, expressed interest in upcoming sales and local events they organized. You wanted to be involved. Honestly, you wanted to create your own collection. You wanted to own a boutique.

It’s not a coincidence that these things resurface. I strongly believe it’s our intuition telling us to do something about it.

For the longest, I felt restricted and confined to corporate America’s expectation and perceptions. Having worked corporate jobs for seven years, I understood the structure, the expectations, the responsibilities and the bias. I convinced myself I couldn’t be in both the business and creative sectors. Though my short-term goal is to obtain another corporate role, I don’t plan to be there forever.

There’s no time for it. It’s too late. You need to go back to school. You don’t know how to sew. How are you going to do this?” – Negative self-talk

My long-term goal is to be an entrepreneur, a screenwriter, a children’s book author and a fashion designer.

I encourage you to pursue the passion you deny. The worst thing that could happen is your dreams die as you lay on your deathbed. The biggest disappointment would be your potential never came into fruition due to fear.

Stop ignoring the voice screaming inside of you to do it already.

Just start. 

Author: BellaDour

Writer. Screenwriter. Poet. I write about personal development, self-care and adulting

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