Major Changes: Adulting

Hey guys! Long time no see. I know. It’s been 3-4 months. I moved into a new apartment!

I am accustomed to calling my new residence home. I haven’t accidentally driven to my old apartment out of habit. The natural scented air freshener lingers throughout my dining room and living room reminding me the newly renovated apartment smell has not disappeared yet. It is my space to just be.


I’ve decorated nothing. The thought of establishing a design theme for an entire apartment induces my anxiety. I barely decorated my previous bedroom. However, I know I want a medium-sized picture centered on my bedroom wall. I want it to be a statement piece that embodies my purpose and a reminder of what I am proud of. But I don’t know what it will look like.


There is a newfound silence. When I lived in my previous apartment, the silence occurred when TVs were turned off and everyone was asleep.

Here, it is peaceful at times that require focus. But sometimes, it can feel lonely.

Home Improvement

I was intimidated by the hundreds of home improvements materials I walked past in Home Depot. I know nothing about home improvement tools. NOTHING.

There are four types of people. The people who use the tools to build and fix things, the people who pay them to do it, DIYers, and the people who hand snacks and beverages to the DIYers as they fix and build things. I am the latter.

Now I know a few things after five trips to Home Depot. I know what aisle to find portable alarms, the type of sandbags to use for flood prevention, to avoid sandbags with bugs inside of them and to lay plastic in my trunk before loading sandbags.

What did you learn from your first move? Any decoration suggestions?

Let Me Reintroduce Myself

So………………I have been MIA for 18 days for a few reasons. It’s difficult to post consistently when you are trying to figure things out. I am looking for full-time employment (which has been a 6-month process) and preparing to start a real estate associate program in two weeks. In addition, I came back from Afropunk NYC a few days ago and needed to adjust to my normal schedule.

Since starting my blog in June, my sole focus has been television. After much reflection, I have decided to discuss whatever I want – film, television, and my personal life.

I am a woman of many passions. I love how TV and film mimic real-life family dynamics, exposes me to different ways of life, invites me into the story and prompts self-reflection. I also love how both storytelling forms celebrate fashion from different time periods.

I am excited to discuss different topics such as embracing change and uncertainty, the long-term commitment to creating a work-life balance, overcoming fear, navigating career transitions and the childhood memories that shape us.

Though I have written episodic recaps, I will not discuss every moment in an episode. There are numerous bloggers and vloggers that do so already. I prefer to directly link characters’ evolution and characters’ stagnation to their present storyline in current seasons.

Moving forward, I will post twice a week. My endgame is to post four times a week. I commend writers who posts daily like Tamara Tattles. My long-term goal is to build a community of transparency, creativity, and vulnerability.

So enjoy the ride!

What keeps you consistent in your writing?