7 Positive Affirmations You Can Tell Yourself Daily

Positive affirmations are great for combatting negative self talk and can be an excellent form of self-compassion.

But what if you don’t believe an affirmation you randomly found online after saying it the first time?

What if you need more?

Not to worry. Here are seven positive affirmations you can tailor to your life.

  1. I am more than worthy and deserving of self love, self respect, self compassion, self care, and the respect of others.
  2. I am building a life of self sufficiency, self validation, and self fulfillment.
  3. I am a { blank }. I am a successful { blank }.
  4. I have 100% of the power to make myself happy.
  5. I am worthy of decency, honesty, and respect.
  6. I am worthy as I am.
  7. I am enough as I am.

What is your go-to positive affirmation?