My 26th Birthday Celebration

Hi guys!

Because my birthday was three days after Christmas, I celebrated my birthday as a birthday week and created my own holiday: My Birthday Eve. Typically, I celebrate by having dinner with my family or brunch with friends but 2019 was different. It was a year where I learned so much about myself through adversity and many triumphs.

Though I had several professional accomplishments I’m proud of, I am more grateful for what I accomplished internally.¬† I am much more self-aware of my thought processes and emotions. I admitted to myself stubbornness causes me to get in my own way. As a perfectionist, I want to fix everything¬† I can’t control, get overwhelmed and quickly become mentally exhausted resulting in less time spent on the things I can control.

What do I want to get rid of? What can I do to make my living space more comfortable? What do I want that will bring me peace of mind? What do I want to try? What have I been meaning to do?

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