Night Dreams Part 1: Double Booked

I scheduled two dates around similar times at an unfamiliar mall. I told my family and they were seemingly okay about it. My father expressed discomfort at the last minute. “This isn’t 18-year-old Briella,” I replied.

My mother offered to drive me and I agreed. Once we arrived at the mall, I met my first date in a crowded, dimly lit restaurant. He was an older African-American gentleman that looked five years older than my father. He was 6’2”, no gray hair, and no facial hair. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t have a receding hairline or a bald spot.

He wore a green striped shirt, dark jeans, and brown leather loafers. I didn’t know his name but he seemed nice. However, I was uncomfortable because I didn’t realize the age gap. I felt like I was having dinner with a sugar daddy which made me anxious. 

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