Enjoy the Small Things

Last weekend, I had my Saturday planned out. I would drop off a few things at my family’s house and then go to the mall for the first time in 9 months. Although the CDC loosened COVID restrictions, I’m still practicing social distancing and allowed myself to go outside more as the weather changes. During this time in Georgia, we get the perfect combination of warm weather, sunshine, clear blue skies and cool breeze. This period is short-lived before 90% humidity becomes a mainstay for the next 3-4 months so I wanted to enjoy it while its here.

My plan was to walk around the mall, buy a buttery Auntie Anne’s soft pretzel and then decide what eateries to grab dinner from in the local area.

But my plan slightly changed after leaving my family’s house. What was supposed to be an easy drop-off turned into an hourlong conversation that left me feeling pissed and annoyed.

Typically I would sulk, complain, and brainstorm dozens of ways to fix a problem I’m not responsible for resulting in emotional and mental exhaustion.

Instead of doing that, I drove to the mall and discussed my frustrations with my sister for 10-15 minutes. It was 4:30 pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I was determined to enjoy myself. After our talk, we entered the mall and patronized a new Vietnamese restaurant. It was my first time trying Vietnamese style chicken egg rolls and they were delicious!

We walked around the mall and spent more time in Spencer’s than I anticipated. Their merchandise was a mixture of childhood nostalgia, Hot Topic tees, drinking games and sex toys. Oddly enough, I was curious how to use some of their sex toys because I was confused how it worked. The experience was like Hot Topic minus the emo and gothic component but with more lighting. So I accomplished my goal. I enjoyed my Saturday.

Then we went back to the mall Sunday and got my Auntie Anne’s pretzel. We didn’t want to go home yet but didn’t know where else to go. I was curious about a new biker-friendly park nearby so we went there. I enjoyed resting my head on my purse, laying in the grass, savoring the 80 degree weather, admiring the clear blue skies and not wearing my mask because the few people there were on separate ends of the lawn.

It was such a beautiful day. There’s nothing like that hour before sunset. We simply tried it and know that’s another place we can hang out.

Regardless of your goals and adversities, you still have the right to cherish the small moments.

Allow yourself to explore new things even if it’s a new restaurant nearby or a tea shop you pass regularly.

It’s better to try something new than to not try at all. Otherwise how will you grow?

What’s something new you’re doing this weekend?