How to Stay Productive During COVID

We’re all processing the coronavirus. Everyday, news stations are reporting on both the rising number of COVID-19 cases and the death toll. We’ve all had plans delayed amid the pandemic. However, we can still be productive.

Think about hobbies or passions you want to spend more time on. Think about the things you’ve been pushing back for days, weeks or months. In a world where it seems like there’s not enough time to accomplish everything we want, it now feels like we have nothing but time.

Here are some ways I am using my time and some ways you can use yours.

Health in Her Hue by Jovonni R. Spinner

Create a Vision Board

As a creative dreamer, I always fantasize about different stories I want to tell via blogs, films and television series. Since I wrote down my desires, I found pictures that mirrored my short-term and long-term goals including travel, screenwriting and my cultural influences.

If you are still figuring out what you want for yourself, write down what comes to mind. Find pictures in magazines or search Google Images. You can purchase a poster board at your local Walmart or Target store. You can also purchase it for $1 at Dollar Tree. If you have an empty box laying around, cut a piece off and use it.

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My Goals for 2020 (So Far)

Hi everyone! First off, I commend you for posting 2-6 entries weekly while working full-time or a as a full-time student. I find your commitment and discipline quite admirable.

With 2019 coming to an end and reading some of your posts regarding 2020 goals, I started to reflect on what mine are.

Typically, I think of New Year resolutions from this viewpoint, “I have to leave this behind going into the new year.” “Get ’em now before its gone!” type of thing.

Now I have decided to approach my 2020 goals differently from a place of wisdom. I see the new year as a continuation versus a do-over.

My Goals for 2020

  1. Create and maintain 1-2 social media accounts to connect with WordPress blog community
  2. Both clearly communicate and identify my expectations and desires within my relationships
  3. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day including basic yoga poses, 30 squats, 3 rounds of knee stretches, 3 rounds of leg lifts and 2-mile runs on the treadmill
  4. Start weekly meal preparation of quinoa-based breakfasts and lunches that I enjoy and give me energy throughout the day
  5. Explore healthy, non-sugary snacks via Pinterest to replace my consumption of high fructose corn syrup-based cookies, muffins, cereals, brownies and juices
  6. Increase my credit score
  7. Move into a 1-2 bedroom apartment preferably within close distance to Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and QuikTrip and 30 minutes from Atlanta
  8. Identify additional income generating opportunities
  9. Travel to Sapelo Island

What are your goals for 2020?