Greenleaf: Questions That Need Answers

Now that season four of Greenleaf has premiered, there are many questions that need answers by the season finale.

Lady Mae

Will the Greenleaf matriarch reveal both Grace’s paternity and her previous affair to Jacob and Charity? Will Mae reveal the sexual abuse she experienced from her father to her children? During season one, the family experienced loss after Faith, her deceased daughter committed suicide. It was confirmed Faith was sexually assaulted by Mac, Mae’s pedophile-rapist brother. If Mae were to reveal her innermost secrets, it could destroy the glass fortress (which she created) the family has lived in for decades.

Kerissa Greenleaf

Will Kerissa file for divorce from Jacob, file for joint custody of Winkie, and buy a nice home for herself? Since season one, Kerissa has invested 150% into Jacob to fulfill her ambitions of power, prestige and wealth. Unfortunately, she has reaped no return on investment during their 20-year marriage. Kerissa is a confident, educated and ambitious woman. Everything she has desired since marrying Jacob she can achieve on her own. Unless she thinks otherwise. Does Kerissa think she can only achieve her dreams through Jacob? If so, why?

Jacob Greenleaf

Will Jacob be more self-aware? Will he realize his repetitive poor decisions result in his family’s demise? He has an opportunity to be an associate pastor at Harmony and Hope Ministries and to become a life coach to troubled youth. Will being a mentor prove to be a promising career? Or will Jacob fall victim to his own naivete, ignorance, impulses and infidelity yet again? 

Bishop James Greenleaf

After learning Grace is not his biological daughter, being conned by a seductress who is the daughter of the man he accidentally murdered, getting divorced, losing his church and facing death, it seemed Bishop had clarity. He was at peace. However, a law enforcement officer questions James about the burning of his old church building again. What else is Bishop hiding?

Charity Greenleaf

Since season three, Charity has asked, “When am I going to get my fairytale ending?.”

Charity, what do you want? Since season one, Charity has been the spoiled, youngest child who gets the least attention. But what is your fairytale ending? Besides wanting attention and people to listen to you, what is your end goal? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? How are you working towards that?

Zora Greenleaf

I love Zora. Zora is funny, clever, creative and stylish. I am relieved she left her abusive ex-boyfriend, returned home, and plans to attend college after high school graduation. Will she stay on track? Or will she fall for another bad boy…….or girl?

Sophia Greenleaf

Sophia dealt with a big blow last season. After discovering a benign condition that left her sterile, Sophia went from a budding Christ believer/Sunday school teacher to an angry teenager questioning her faith. Will Sophia go down a dark path similar to Zora? Or will she go down a dark path like her deceased Aunt Faith?

Grace Greenleaf

Grace. Grace has been the person holding the family together. Will she question her identity knowing Bishop is not her biological father? Will her and her half-brother Aaron continue to build a relationship?

During the season premiere, it is revealed Grace has an adult son in prison unbeknownst to Noah, Sophia and her family.  How will Grace navigate the repercussions of her actions?

We will see this season.

I’ve been ready since February. Are you?