At a Crossroads

“The heart wants what it wants.” – Selena Gomez and every American rom-com

This is such a cliche statement. Since age 13, I have heard this phrase in numerous romantic comedies. The movie’s falling action was the female protagonist on a date with a guy that meets all her checklist requirements. Tom was handsome, successful and took Kate to a 5-star restaurant that overlooked some city skyline.

As they chat over glasses of champagne, Kate realizes he’s too familiar. They relate in their professions, ambitions and financial stability. But Tom doesn’t make her laugh nor keeps her guessing.

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Why I Left My Job

I had a plan for my life. Go to college, obtain my bachelor’s degree, get my Master’s degree, then get a job making $50,000 in something brand or marketing-related. I would then work my way up the corporate ladder, become an uber-successful sales professional who makes tons of money and retires by the age of 40 with accolades like, “Employee of the Year” and “Salesperson of the Year.” 

I would sacrifice my personal life for 15 years of blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights for closing multi-million dollar deals, 4-star hotel stays, 5-star dinners, 4-star flight seats, a penthouse, $700 Christian Louboutins, $800 designer handbags, a hairstylist I pay an annual salary, and an expensive custom built walk-in closet of my dreams that resembles the closets of Kimora Lee Simmons and Cher Horowitz

I would then pursue my passion of screenwriting with the relief of having paid my student loan debt. During early retirement, I would write TV shows and films in a 3-story cabin tucked away in the mountains of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in between breaks of warm apple cider and Lifetime Movie Network films playing above the living room fireplace. 

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