Self-Care This Weekend

There are times when urgent things happen and become priority. This week was full of exciting learning opportunities and newly established relationships via networking. It also included two personal emergencies that took priority versus writing my second weekly post.

There are times when personal issues arise and require time to process the situation. A time where you must step back, reflect on the situation, and reflect on what was said.

If it’s unaddressed, the issue builds up internally and resurfaces explosively.  I didn’t want to do that. I needed to process the situation completely to determine how to move forward.

That’s what I am doing.

Consequently, I will publish three blog posts this coming week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Stimulating Conversations

Lately, I have been craving stimulating conversations and have been thinking about a memorable one I had this summer. I went to a literature social expecting to meet authors. I expected a posh event full of pretentious, elitist snobs bragging about how cultured they were and wore outfits that resembled a white hipster from Brooklyn who sold artisan sodas.

But it wasn’t that.

It felt like a hangout. I talked to an author-actress who briefly discussed her book in-progress and heavily discussed the awkwardness between her and a friend she had slept with. After she requested my advice on the matter and the conversation ended, I noticed people in their 40s and 50s lounging around on white leather couches. They did not give off literary vibes to me.

I saw a guy standing to my left. I figured I introduce myself plus I didn’t feel like getting up. His name was Chris. We had a two-hour conversation about our passions for writing, Chris’s desire to be fulfilled, and basketball changing over the years while watching the Toronto Raptors play Golden State Warriors. We discussed timeless 1990s artists like Aaliyah, Mary J Blije, Brandy, and our love for SWV’s Anything interlude versus the hip hop version, Cousin Skeeter, and our contrasting opinions of Drake.

Chris talked about writing a fantasy-based book about gods are based off of hip hop legends. I discussed my love for the drama genre and my long-term goal of writing a psychological thriller. During our conversation, I found out he grew up in Freeport which is 30 minutes away from my hometown Brentwood, New York. Both our mothers are from Brooklyn and both our fathers are from Queens. We had a lot in common.

It was a fun, organic conversation so I decided to stay connected via social media. It was refreshing to find another creative who might know of local writing meetups, upcoming writers’ workshops and networking events. In addition, I wanted people around me who I could bounce creative ideas off of especially during the screenwriting process and writers’ block.

It was one of the most compelling conversations I had.

Is that rare?

How can we have more stimulating conversations as we progress through adulthood?